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Gold’s North Fork Roofing is a roofer-owned and roofer-operated family business. We make it our business to use only the finest quality materials and outstanding craftsmanship on every roof. Our finished product reflects our personal and family values, and we are proud of the work that we do.

Since our business was first started in 2003, we have earned a strong reputation built on solid principles and values. As owner, I have a great deal of pride in our company and feel that how we conduct ourselves reflects not only on our business, but on me personally as well. Our mission is to provide  honest, fair and reliable roofing services. All of our customers will meet me either in the bidding process or the roofing project itself. Every customer will have direct contact with me for any questions that may arise. I believe this is one of the things that sets us apart from other roofing companies.

Early in my work experience, I was privileged to work with seasoned roofers who understood every aspect of the roofing business, and who were trained themselves by seasoned roofers. So even though our business is nine  years old, we have the background of many, many years of experience. I personally have completed jobs in Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Utah, Oregon and Japan. All of our employees have the advantage of thorough training by seasoned roofers. We aren’t framers, or dry wall specialists, or construction people who are just trying to survive in this challenging economy. We are roofers that have perfected our skills through years of hands on training along with continued education in our trade.

We prepare reasonable, fair, and honest bids  on every type of roof job. We can handle any size job. And, just as important as the bid is our commitment to stand by our bids and finish every job to the customer’s satisfaction. We won’t get rich off any job, whether large or small, but we will guarantee that every job will have adequate personnel to complete the roof, so that both the customer and Gold’s North Fork Roofing will be satisfied and proud of the finish project.

Gold’s North Fork Roofing doesn’t have to embellish our experiences, or tell you how many millions or dollars we’ve made for huge corporate companies. We stand by our reputation as a respected, family-owned business that is honest in dealing with customers, suppliers, manufacturers, and employees. Thank you for your time getting to know a little of our history. We look forward to working with you.

Jeff Gold

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